9th-11th 45th Annual Notre Dame Tax and Estate Planning Institute
South Bend, Indiana
10th-11th 41st Annual Duke University Estate Planning Conference
Durham, North Carolina
16th-18th 2019 National Conference on Special Needs Planning and Special Needs Trusts
St. Petersburg, Florida
17th-20th ACTEC National Fall Meeting
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20th-23rd The BAM Alliance 2019 National Conference
St. Louis, Missouri
25th The Hermitage Gala
Nashville, Tennessee
26th The Land Trust for Tennessee's Once in a Blue Moon 2019
Nashville, Tennessee


7th-10th Southeast Regional ACTEC
Greenville, South Carolina
10th Sunday in the Park
Nashville, Tennessee
13th-15th Legal Latitudes: The Most Important Juror
San Antonio, Texas
13th-14th 73rd Federal Tax Clinic: The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
17th MS Fall Crush
Nashville, Tennessee
20th-22nd The Tennessee Federal Tax Conference
Franklin, Tennessee
20th-21st Eighth Annual Gleneagles Group One Day Family Conference
Atlanta, Georgia


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