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More Than a Fiduciary—We Are a Support System

When faced with planning for the future, some families may determine they require assistance that extends well beyond the typical fiduciary relationship. Regardless of the reason—age-related concerns, medical needs, or other unique circumstances—our team has the flexibility and dedication to provide high-touch administration assistance to those needing an extra level of care.

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Trust Administration With Extra Support

Our trust administration team is composed of sensitive, caring professionals who have an exceptional ability to work with critical and complex situations specific to each family.


We assist in the coordination of a full range of tailored services:

  • Conducting client visits (e.g. budgetary planning, introductions, in-person meetings)
  • Collaborating with professional advisors to discuss budgeting, long-term planning, financial resources, and annual reviews.
  • Working directly with appointed individuals (e.g., conservators, guardians, healthcare and financial POAs) to facilitate trust related services
  • Facilitating the setup and scheduling of bill pay for expenses paid by trust 
  • Coordinating third-party home maintenance and senior living moving services
  • Coordinating healthcare enrollment with third-party service providers

Modern Families Have Modern Dynamics

As families in the U.S. evolve, many life changes have the potential to impact trust and estate administration and planning and may even require additional work in the future. Below are just a few factors that could affect your family’s trust and estate plan:

  • Blended family
  • Divorce or remarriage
  • Aging family members
  • Debilitating or terminal illness
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Financial vulnerability
  • Lack of financial expertise
  • Lack of time to commit to administrative tasks
  • Lack of sound judgment
  • Family members separated by distance
  • Family member(s) with disabilities

If you are concerned about any of these factors in your own family, it is worthwhile to consider enlisting the help of a corporate trustee or co-trustee.

Meet Our Distinctive Care Experts

Tenisha Clausi

Vice President & Trust Officer

Laura Hawken

Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer

Ginny Maddux

Trust Officer

Katelynn Novak

Trust Administrator

Lindsay Phillips

Trust Administrator

Dudley Selinger

Vice President & Trust Officer, Administration Manager

Andrew Serpico

Trust Administrator

Alex Walker

Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer

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