For Professional Advisors

As an independent trust company, we focus on trust and estate administration services, while collaborating with you.

Financial advisors, accountants, and attorneys need a collaborative, non-competitive trust solution for their clients. Our advisor-friendly commitment assures families receive superior service.

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Why Choose Us

No Conflicts Of Interest

We focus solely on trust and estate administration so that financial advisors, accountants, and attorneys can focus on what they do best.

Specialized Knowledge and Focused Administration

Our team is experienced in handling specialized trusts, illiquid assets, and navigating complex family dynamics with diplomacy and respect.

Hands-on, Personalized Support

Our dedicated staff have the time and attention to make sure our mutual clients receive unmatched support, education, and care when they need it most.

Our Services

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Personal Trust Administration

Comprehensive trust administration, education, and proactive client service for your family.

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Estate & Post-Mortem
Trust Administration

Estate and post-mortem trust administration to honor, support, and carry out your wishes.

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Special Needs Trust Administration

Specialized expertise combined with care and compassion for your family.

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Special Asset Administration

Knowledge and experience to navigate complex, hard-to-value, illiquid assets.

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Distinctive Care Services

High-touch administration for those needing additional support.

Do you need a collaborative trust team?

Our Team-Based Approach

Using the directed trust framework, professional advisors are named, often by the family or beneficiaries, to handle specific duties and responsibilities based on that individual’s specialty. The resulting team of experts then works together to provide the beneficiary with care and expertise, ensuring optimal management and administration of the trust or estate.

Estate Planning Attorney

  • Advises family
  • Drafts and updates documents

Financial Advisor

  • Investment management
  • Financial planning strategy
  • Holds custody of liquid assets


  • Prepares trust and/or estate tax return
  • Advises family on tax laws and implications

Cumberland Trust

  • Education
  • Administration and distributions
  • Record-keeping and reporting
  • Premier client service

Conveniently Headquartered in Trust-Friendly Tennessee

With a connected team of 120+ experts at your service in 10 offices nationwide.

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