Special Asset Administration

Customized Guidance for Unique Trust Assets

From a business built from the ground up by parents and grandparents to a home where multiple generations of family members were raised, special assets are not simply items on a spreadsheet—they’re often the initial source of a family’s wealth and generational legacy.

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Preserving What’s Priceless

We understand that you and your family may have unique, illiquid assets. In fact, recent studies suggest that, on average, special assets make up 55% of the wealth of high-net-worth families. These assets are frequently an integral part of a family’s history—with sentimental value that might even outweigh monetary value.

Cumberland Trust has a dedicated Special Assets Team with years of experience in administering unique assets. Typically, our team will coordinate the special asset management with an external property manager of a family’s choosing, which may even be a family member.

The level of involvement of Cumberland Trust’s Special Assets Team depends on the type of asset held in the trust.

Common Types of Special Assets

  • Real estate
  • Beneficiary-occupied home (including primary and secondary residences)
  • Commercial property
  • Closely held businesses
  • LLCs, limited partnerships, etc.
  • Promissory notes and loans
  • Oil, gas, and mineral interests
  • Intellectual property
  • Timberland, agriculture, and raw land
  • Fine art, jewelry, and collections
Cumberland Trust is well positioned to understand and help families retain special assets held in trust.

Our unique directed trust platform allows us to work with the family’s chosen manager(s) to properly handle the illiquid assets. Based on the increasingly large role that these assets play in family wealth, Cumberland Trust has invested in a dedicated team with significant real property experience. Our team members work with families and their managers to ensure that Cumberland Trust serves as a good steward of these holdings.

Meet Our Special Asset Administration Team

April D. Drennan

Vice President & Director, Special Assets Administration

Stephen Granberg

Special Assets Administrator

Dayton F. Hale III

Vice President & Director, Special Assets

Natalicia Hosseinzadeh

Assistant Vice President & Special Assets Officer

Robert Ottinger

Special Assets Officer

Riley Randolph

Special Assets Administrator

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