The Cannon Curve with Jennie Menzie, Elizabeth Rodgers, Emily Dye, and Anne Douglass Williams

Mar 28, 2024 | Understanding Trust Administration

March is National Women’s History Month! In a special Cannon Curve podcast episode on women leaders in finance, Jennie Menzie, CEO and President, and Emily Dye, Trust Officer, of Cumberland Trust joined Elizabeth Rodgers, President, and Anne Douglass Williams, Relationship Manager, of Synovus Trust, with host Phil Buchanan. The women discussed their personal and professional backgrounds, what drew them to the trust industry (hint: it’s the people!), the importance of mentorship, and insights for the future.

Listen to the Cannon Curve podcast episode 90 here.

Episode Description

The Cannon Curve Episode 90: Jennie Menzie, Elizabeth Rodgers, Emily Dye, and Anne Douglass Williams

In this special episode of Cannon Curve, we honor National Women’s History Month by spotlighting pioneering women in finance. Join host Phil as he welcomes esteemed leaders from Synovus Trust and Cumberland Trust: Jennie Menzie, CEO and President of Cumberland Trust, and Elizabeth Rodgers, President of Synovus Trust. Together, they share their personal journeys, leadership insights, and visions for the future of the industry.

Additionally, newcomers Emily Dye, Trust Officer at Cumberland Trust, and Anne Douglass Williams, Relationships Manager II for Synovus, provide fresh perspectives on navigating the finance world, discussing their experiences, challenges, and the importance of mentorship. As the episode unfolds, you will gain valuable insights into mentorship, career advancement, and empowering the next generation of female leaders in finance. Tune in for inspiration and guidance from these remarkable trailblazers.

Jennie Menzie – CEO and President of Cumberland Trust on LinkedIn

Elizabeth Rodgers – President of Synovus Trust on LinkedIn

Emily Dye – Trust Officer at Cumberland Trust on LinkedIn

Anne Douglass Williams – Relationships Manager II in Personal Trust at Synovus Trust on LinkedIn

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