Welcome to Trusted Ideas

Aug 30, 2018 | Understanding Trust Administration

Cumberland Trust was founded 17 years ago to focus on families. Making client lives less complicated by delivering on their needs and extending their values through generations. We knew our clients worked hard to build their legacy, and it was up to us to assist them in protecting it.

We achieve that with a team of individuals at Cumberland Trust who are the very best in the personal trust industry at doing what they do. From dealing with blended families, aging adults, special needs, or other modern dynamics, we have the experience to help clients and their advisors through difficult scenarios towards the goal of continued legacy.

We love our job, so, in addition to the work we do for clients, we wanted to extend our reach to help more.

The answer is this – Trusted Ideas from Cumberland Trust.

This is a new online destination where you’ll hear directly from our experts on what trends and approaches you should be paying attention to. You’ll get to know our people to better understand why they lead their respective fields.

Hopefully we’ll highlight to you how Cumberland Trust stands out in our industry.

We’ll share new posts on our LinkedIn page and our new Twitter account to proactively engage audiences. We hope you enjoy and learn. We’d also like to hear from you. Please reach out with any subjects you’d like to read more about. Email us here: info@cumberlandtrust.com.

Much like our company, Trusted Ideas will be focused on people, their goals and legacy. We hope you enjoy.

Joseph K. Presley
Chairman, President & CEO of Cumberland Trust