The Collaborative Directed Trustee/Financial Advisory Relationship

Mar 15, 2022 | For Professional Advisors, Understanding Trust Administration

Trust administration and investment management are entirely separate functions, which require different skillsets and expertise to be performed well.

As an independent, directed trust company, Cumberland Trust specializes in education, administration, and client service, while the client’s chosen financial advisor handles the investment management of the trust’s assets. Cumberland Trust offers a financial advisor-friendly platform, which ensures the long-standing relationship between the investment advisor and client is protected and continues well into the future. We provide dedicated trust administration, while the advisor continues to provide strategic financial advisory services.

Cumberland Trust’s complementary model ensures there is no conflict of interest. We do not offer investment management services; therefore, we do not compete with financial advisors for their core business. Instead, we devote our expertise and time to providing our clients and their advisors with best-in-class trust and estate administration and client service, which in turn provides clients with the peace of mind that results from knowing his or her assets are protected and managed by a well-rounded team of experts.

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