The Case for the Corporate Co-Trustee: Continuity for your Family

Jun 11, 2019 | Understanding Trust Administration

We think the corporate co-trustee arrangement is an ideal solution for families with wealth. In this arrangement, a family member or individual shares the responsibility of trusteeship with a corporate trustee like Cumberland Trust.

This week, we will take a closer look at the continuity provided to families by a corporate co-trustee.

Since 2001, Cumberland Trust has offered the consistency needed to preserve and honor your family’s legacy. When Cumberland Trust joins a family’s trust team, not only are we determined to uphold that family’s values, but we also offer the consistent administration needed to help beneficiaries succeed, and to benefit the trust assets. Where an individual trustee may at times be unable or unwilling to serve at full capacity, a corporate trustee or co-trustee can offer the permanence and predictability that your family deserves. Cumberland Trust’s focus is on carrying out your family’s legacy objectively and professionally.

Every family is different and has a different set of priorities and needs. We believe that the continuity provided by a corporate co-trustee is another reason why families with wealth should consider Cumberland Trust. Whatever your family’s goals are, Cumberland Trust has dedicated professionals in place to help you reach them. We offer the expertise, unbiased support, and consistency you deserve, and are uniquely positioned to help you protect your family’s history and prepare for a strong future.

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