Navigating COVID-19 Together: Work from Home Tips

Apr 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

Since most of us will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, Cumberland Trust thought it would be helpful to gather and share tips to feel connected, productive, and fulfilled during this uncertain time.

Follow your normal morning routine:

  • Keep your morning routine in place and get dressed each day as usual. Many people recommend wearing your normal work attire, but we won’t judge if you go with comfortable workout clothes instead.

Set up a dedicated workspace:

  • You may not have an office in your home but try to set up a work area for yourself at a table to feel more encouraged. Try to avoid working from your bed or sofa. 

Establish personal office hours:

  • It can be easy to get distracted at home, so keep regular working hours to differentiate between other at-home activities and tasks. Having a set time to start and stop work will also help to maintain work-life boundaries and balance.

Take breaks throughout the day:

  • Since the lines between work and home life are non-existent for a lot of us now, it is important to remember to take breaks away from screens throughout the day. Try to go outside when you can, stay hydrated, and eat lunch away from your workspace.

Maintain relationships through phone calls and video conferences:

  • We could all benefit from more social interaction right now, so don’t forget to reach out to your colleagues and friends over the phone and through video conferencing. Schedule regular “check in” meetings with your coworkers and reinforce those connections.

Give yourself and your colleagues a little grace. Remember that everyone has a different home situation and your coworkers may be juggling work while homeschooling kids, caring for a loved one, or working with extremely limited resources. Support one another and remember we are all doing our best to adjust to our new, and temporary, work environment. Stay positive, despite temporary frustrations, and remember we will get through this together.

Finally, and especially, thank you to all the healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, custodians, grocery store workers, truck drivers, veterinarians, postal workers, sanitation workers, and all others going to work to keep us safe.