Through the years, you have built a strong legacy. You have drawn together a financial team to help grow and preserve your assets, reduce taxes, and benefit those you care about most. We work alongside your chosen team of legal, tax, and financial advisors to implement your wealth transfer plan and support those you leave behind.
As a corporate trustee, we are able to provide long-term continuity. We serve as part of your team of advisors and fulfill the role of a professional trust administrator. We have experience and diplomacy in dealing with complex family situations.
Cumberland's team of professionals delivers the service expected of a boutique firm by focusing on the relationships and needs of our clients. We offer an extensive range of personalized, confidential services to help carry out your planning objectives for future generations.



Trusts are created for a variety of reasons. A trust can provide for beneficiaries who need support managing their own finances. A trust can establish a method to avoid a conservatorship should the trust creator become physically or mentally incapacitated. Trusts may also be created to provide care for beneficiaries with special needs, without disqualifying them for public assistance. Trusts are an excellent means of providing for your loved ones, while simultaneously offering asset protection from creditors, bankruptcy, divorce, and predators.
Virtually any type of property can be placed as an asset in a trust, including real estate, business interests, personal property, stocks, and bonds. The creator of a trust may determine which of his or her assets to place in trust and which to hold outside of the trust.



When weighing trustee options, families have many factors to consider. With Cumberland Trust as trustee, you retain your chosen investment advisor and, as a result, there is no conflict of interest regarding the management of trust assets. As an independent corporate fiduciary, Cumberland Trust is a regulated trust institution, held to high fiduciary standards. Most importantly, we are made up of an experienced and specialized staff with a focus on client service. Our relationship managers work with your family's established team of advisors to ensure your trust receives comprehensive management and administration services.


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